Late Fall/Early Winter Essentials For Better Dallas lawn Care

If you’ve taken care of your fall cleanup and removed all leaves and debris, your lawn is almost ready for maximum absorption of nutrients. Thanks to the seasonal weather changes, nutrients are well on their way via rainfall and other debris like leaves and grass clippings that may have temporarily composted before your fall cleanup. Insects will also pose less threat as they head into hibernation; leaving any last standing weeds from a final post emergent treatment your lawn’s only competition for nutrients.
The next logical step would be to apply a final fertilization treatment to winterize your turf, but wait! Be sure to read ahead before you feed your lawn for maximum absorption of nutrients.
Soil naturally becomes compacted from rain and general use all season which closes pathways for nutrients to be absorbed by the roots of your lawn. A core aeration treatment allows maximum ventilation of your soil and opens up more pathways for nutrients to be effectively and efficiently absorbed by the roots of your lawn. While spike shoes and other do-it-yourself techniques can produce some positive results, often times they don’t penetrate deep enough or pull enough plugs of soil out to naturally fertilize your lawn.  An aerator will evenly ventilate and penetrate your lawn for maximum absorption of nutrients in less time. The plugs of soil will also act as a natural fertilizer for the surface of your lawn. Is your lawn in a little rougher shape than most? Are there section of turf missing only to leave spots of soil? Once your lawn has had a core aeration treatment, it is now ready for a seeding treatment to renovate sections of your lawn that are in less than top form.
After you’ve checked these items of your lawn’s to-do list you’re now ready to winterize your lawn with a late fall feeding fertilizer application.
Not sure which type of winter fertilizer to use? Check back next week to learn how to determine the best winter fertilizer for your turf type.

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