The answers to the most common fall lawn and landscape questions

An added bonus of the recent cooler temps and rain is that I’ve had time in the office to answer a lot of Ask Ken questions.  Below are the answers to the most common during this time of the year.

Should you make a change in your lawn and landscape plan?  This one is counterintuitive to what most people think.  Typical thinking is it fall, things are no longer growing, you can take a break from your regular lawn and landscape plan and/or company (the thought being you can wait to worry about it in the spring when things will be growing again.)  This is wrong.  The reason is what you do in the fall and winter will result in better results come spring and summer.  Our fall and winter visits are probably the most important lawn care visits we make because our pre-emergents prevent most of the weeds you’ve seen before they even show up.  Don’t put off a good lawn care program in the fall and the winter.  If you are considering making a change in your plan or lawn care company, do it now.  Then when next spring rolls around you’ll be way ahead of the game and can focus on making your good grass happy and healthy.

Should you leave your leaves?  Short answer is that leaves left on your lawn are bad (they can lead to fungal problems in your lawn.)  Leaves in your beds are good (think free mulch!)  You can read more about this here.

Should I plant landscapes in the fall or winter?  I’ve been over this a few times lately, but let me state again that fall and winter are better seasons to plant landscapes in than spring.  If we choose the right plants, the weather around here doesn’t stay cold long enough to damage them, plus planting this time of year lets the plants develop roots deep enough to be mostly established before the hot North Texas summer.  This is good because it makes them much hardier to extreme heat and they will need less water.  In fact Village Green is booked with landscape jobs through early fall.  If you are thinking of landscape work give me a call at 972-495-6990 so we can get you on the schedule.  I’d be happy to discuss your plans with you and provide a free, no obligation quote on any projects.

Should I be watering as much in the fall as I did in the summer?  Just like you’ve changed your clocks, it’s time for you to change your watering schedule to half of what you were watering in the summer.  You can download our Fall Watering Guide here.

Are we hiring?  This is where I could use your help in finding great people.  Fall is a good time to find excellent lawn and landscape professionals.  Many other companies downsize during this time of the year, but at Village Green we are always on the look out for good, hard working, lawn and landscape professionals who would enjoy working for a family owned business.  If you know of anyone please refer them to our job page.  Thank you for your help!

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 972-495-6990 or [email protected].  I’m happy to answer all your lawn and landscape questions as well as give you a free quote on any of the lawn and landscape services we offer.