Using Vinegar as Weed Killer in your Dallas lawn Care Routine

It’s not just an old wives tale; vinegar really does get rid of weeds, if you know how to properly use it.
Vinegar is a popular choice among homeowners who are in favor of a more organic method to get rid of pesky weeds. Dallas lawn care specialists offer organic weed control products, but when weeds sprout in between applications, you may have to take weed control into your own hands.
So what kind of vinegar is effective against weeds? If you’ve tried this method before, you may have been disappointed when the only result you got was a very vinegary garden. The reason your previous attempt may have been ineffectual was because you didn’t use the right kind of vinegar. Dallas lawn care studies have shown that in order to be effective against weeds, the vinegar must possess a 20 percent concentration of acetic acid. Now that you know what kind of vinegar to use, how should it be applied?
Most people spray organic weed control products directly on the plants, thinking it won’t do any harm. In most cases, this is probably true. However, when using vinegar, you’re using an acidic liquid that can remove the waxy layer of defense plant leaves have, leaving the plant susceptible to dehydration. The second application alternative is to drench the soil directly below the plant. However, this also presents complications as the pH level of the soil is lowered to a level that plants cannot survive. The plants won’t immediately die, because the acidifying effects will last for up to a year. The plant may have one last period of bloom, which is when you should apply lime to neutralize the soil.
Vinegar might take a little more planning than some other organic weed control products, but it is still an inexpensive method to eliminate weeds without posing harm to the environment. Dallas lawn care experts suggest applying the vinegar on warm, dry days. If it happens to rain immediately after you apply the vinegar application, you’ll need to re-apply because the original application will have been washed away.
If you aren’t sure if this is the right solution, consult your local Dallas lawn care company for the best organic weed control solution.

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