Landscape Spotlight: 20 Years in the Making

I’ve known Mr. and Mrs. M for about twenty years. We first met while Debbie and I were attending Cornerstone United Methodist Church. Later I learned that they lived a few blocks from me, and that I regularly walked our dog by their home. Based on that connection Village Green has done some small jobs for the couple over the years, and after each one, Mrs. M would tell us that someday she hoped to get Village Green to install a new landscape for their home. Someday happened a few months back, when Mrs. M called and told me she was finally ready for us to do that landscape project.

As is often the case with landscape projects, both Mr. and Mrs. M had certain features they wanted in their landscape plan. Mr. M., who handles the landscape for the family, was a wealth of knowledge in the planning process. What was most important to him was that the back have a desert feel. Another important point was that we replace the plants in the front of their home. He also wanted to expand his beds further from their home and wanted to create a more rustic feel.

Mrs. M main feature was based on her favorite pastime, sitting in front of their home relaxing and watch life go by in our neighborhood. This is so important to her, that she invested in a large swing that she wanted to be worked into their landscape design.

One look at the before and after photos will show we made some dramatic changes to their home. We captured the desert look Mr. M wanted in the backyard along with the rustic look for the front. You will also notice Mrs. M’s swing on a beautiful flagstone patio.

My favorite part of this landscape story though was a story Mrs. M was kind enough to share with me. She had spoken to her father who lives out of state about their landscape project and he was surprised that after all these years in their home they would be investing in a sizable landscape project. Mrs. M sent her dad the design, so he could see the transformation and was surprised to receive a check paying for the entire project a few weeks. later. Her father wanted the landscape to be a gift from him. Mr. and Mrs. M were so touched and grateful they’ve decide to have one of the stones etches with ‘Thank You Dad!’ so they’ll always have a reminder of his generous gift. They plan to take a photo and send her father a print of the etched stone once it is installed.

I’d like to thank Mr. and Mrs. M for placing their trust in Village Green and allowing us to share such a great story. We take pride in all our projects, but this one, with their story is especially meaningful.

If you are thinking about a landscape project, give Village Green a chance to earn your business. We have transformed lawns and landscapes in North Texas since 1980. We have the expertise and skill to create beautiful and functional landscapes at all budget points. For more information or a complimentary estimate on your project, give me a call at 972-495-6990 or email me at [email protected]