A Landscape Solution For Jeff’s Drainage & Shady Lawn Challenges

We first started working with Jeff in 2017 and have done everything from lawn care, sprinkler care and several landscape projects. Our latest landscape project was to help solve a significant drainage problem that was made worse by the lack of grass in a shady part of Jeff’s front yard.

Jeff had a downspout that was dumping too much water into his lawn which was combined with the bare dirt from lack of grass caused by shade created a muddy mess on his driveway.

Hannah, our landscape manager, had the perfect solution in her simple yet effective design, which she illustrated for Jeff with notes and photos so he would understand the plan. Village Green added river rock next to the drive and then attached the problem downspout to a pipe that released the water into the river rock. This solution allows the rock to break the force of the water and allow it to disperse onto the driveway without hauling dirt with it. In addition, we added shade-loving plants such as Purple Heuchera and Ice Plants to add color and texture in the area where the grass wasn’t growing because of the excessive shade. Finally, we installed a flagstone walkway to make it easy to access the side of Jeff’s home.

Jeff loves the update and the work Hannah and her landscape crew did. Not only does his front landscape look great, but it also solved his muddy mess drainage issues.

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