A Plano Home Gets a Front Landscape Transformation

We received a call from Joanne in Plano, who requested a complete redo of her front landscape. According to her, it had become overgrown, sickly, and outdated. She also mentioned that they had lost a tree, which made the front landscape lopsided. As a gardener, Joanne emphasized adding color to the landscape. Additionally, she wanted to upgrade the old steel edging border to something functional and had a nicer aesthetic.

Our landscape manager, Hannah, worked hard to incorporate colorful additions to the landscape. She used a combination of medium-sized backdrop plants such as Anthony Waterer Spirea, which boasts beautiful pink blooms in early summer, Rose Creek Abelias for their pale pink blooms, Obsession Nandinas for their stunning red foliage, and Dystillium as an evergreen plant. Hannah added a white blooming Oak Leaf Hydrangea for a shaded nook that will surely add a touch of elegance to the landscape. On the corners, Hannah used merlot redbuds. These ornamental trees with purple leaves are one of the first plants to bloom in the spring. In the foreground, we used dwarf-sized plants of giant liriope, lantana, and perennial dianthus. Since installation, all these plants have done well in our triple-degree summers and single-digit winters and require minimal trimming. To replace the old steel edging, Manny, our landscape crew lead, installed a beautiful moss boulder border, which perfectly complements the new landscape.

When we followed up with Joanne to ensure she was pleased with our work, she said, “The crew was amazing. I can’t think of anything more I would have asked of them. Hannah gave very close communication. Manny and the rest of the team are just good people. They were warm, helpful, and busted their tails off while on the job.”

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