Amyworms Have Invaded North Texas

Armyworms have invaded North Texas. We have been getting a lot of calls from concerned customers wondering if their lawns are dead. In today’s update, I’ll show you a yard that has sustained armyworm damage.

So, what caused them, and what do all these armyworms do to lawns? Armyworms love summer rains, which we’ve had plenty of this year. They cause short-term damage to lawns and landscapes by chewing the leaves off of the plants. Armyworms don’t like St. Augustine, but if they are in a bermuda lawn, they can leave it looking like a lawnmower scalped it on the lowest setting in a matter of days.

The good news is your grass isn’t dead. It’s just cut back, and it will eventually fill back in. It may look bad for some time, and the armyworms are creepy, but there’s no long-term damage.

The treatment for armyworms is to spray an insecticide such as Bifenthrin or wait for them to pass.

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