Fall flowers in North Dallas

Looking for fall and winter color?  Here are some tips for choosing the plant that’s right for you:

Pansies – Hands down the best choice for adding color all winter long.  These don’t seem to mind the ice and occasional snow Dallas sends our way.  They just bounce right back the day after the cold is over.  Plant in sun and add some organic material such as potting soil to help them not have wet feet.  Warning: Pansies are rabbit candy so if you have wild rabbits you will have to battle them to keep them from devouring your flowers.  Oddly enough they don’t eat cabbage and kale.

Cabbage and Kale – These don’t bloom but they have a nice color – especially when you mix the white and purple.  Oddly enough the rabbits will eat pansies but they usually leave cabbage and kale alone.  These are grown for the foliage so when they start to bloom in late winter you’ll want to cut the bloom off.

Chrysanthemums – 
Nothing says fall like mums the problem is they only bloom a few weeks out of the year.  These are perennials, so they’ll come back each year.  Cut them back once they’ve gone dormant after a couple of frosts.