Henbit: A Sure Sign Spring is Near in North Texas

A sure sign that spring is close is the arrival of henbit in North Texas lawns. And while any sign of spring is welcome, it is a weed and our main focus during spring.

As far as weeds go, henbit is pretty, with rich green and cute purple flowers, but we still don’t like seeing it on our lawns.

So, how do you get rid of henbit? The best way is to prevent it from starting in the first place, which means using a good pre-emergent in the winter. Our pre-emergent is very good at preventing henbit, and if for some reason the pre-emergent didn’t get in your lawn in time (or you didn’t apply it this winter), you can use a broadleaf weed control to make it go away. A good rule of thumb is anything that will make dandelions go away will also take care of henbit. Another easy tip to control henbit is to cut your lawn short (but please do not scalp it.) If the henbit comes back, mow again. The thing to remember is that henbit thrives in colder weather, and as we move into spring, our temperatures will get warmer, and henbit will go away on its own.

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