How Much Should I be Watering this Summer?

Our phones have heated up with customers calling about their sprinkler systems and wanting to know how much they should water this summer.  Many are asking why their lawns are not as vibrant as they expected after all the rain we had.  Some have expressed concern that the rain washed away the fertilizer which is why their lawns aren’t as green as they would like.  The answer to most of these calls has been simple.  They need to water.  More importantly they need to make sure they are following our summer watering recommendations (even though we’re about a week away from the official first day of summer.)

Typical of North Texas we’ve changed from a cool, wet spring to a fairly hot summer with head snapping speed.  It is surprising to most customers that after the wettest May since 1922 and 6″ to 8″ rain in a week (in some places) that it is time to turn their sprinklers back on and transition to our summer watering program.

It has been over a week without rain with temperatures above 90 degrees.  The rain water has disappeared out of the top few inches of soil (which is where your grass-roots live.)  If a lawn isn’t being watered properly it will start showing signs of heat stress and not be as green as you would think because they are drying out in the heat.

Bottom line it is time to download our summer watering guide (click the link below) and make sure your sprinkler system is in top working order.

Download our summer watering guide

If you have questions or need help programming your sprinkler or making sure your system is in top condition give us a call at 972-495-6990 or email me at [email protected]We offer affordable sprinkler system inspections and tune-ups that will guarantee adequate water coverage for your lawn. Our certified irrigation technicians can also install water-conserving nozzles and applicators so that water usage is as efficient as possible.