How Much Should You Water in the Fall?

It is hard to believe, especially if you look at the thermometer, but fall is here.  Officially the first day is Wednesday, September 23rd which means it is time to get your sprinkler system prepared for autumn in North Texas.

From mid-September through November you water your lawn roughly 50% less than you did in the summer months.  Thus, if you have a typical sprinkler head system you should be watering once a week (vs. twice a week like you do in the summer.)

Village Green recommends you run your sprinklers three times in the morning, for 10 minutes each time.  Setting your controller for start times of 2am, 4am and 6am should allow enough time in between for the water to soak into our infamous clay soil.  If you have rotor sprinklers (the type of sprinkler that sprays in a long thin stream and slowly turns) you will want to water twice as long (possibly longer.)

These recommendations and times are for areas with full sun.  In shady areas you can water about half or a quarter of the length of time suggested for sunny areas.  

If you have a seasonal adjust spot on your sprinkler controller you can leave the minutes and days alone and just set the seasonal adjust percentage to 50%.

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If you have questions or need help from one of certified sprinkler technicians, give us a call at 972-495-6990 or email me at [email protected].  We offer affordable sprinkler system inspections and tune-ups that will guarantee appropriate and adequate water coverage for your lawn. Our certified irrigation technicians can also install water-conserving nozzles and applicators so that water usage is as efficient as possible.