How to set plants for landscaping

Setting plants is the part I enjoy the most because we get to be creative.  We usually start on the left and work to the right, quickly placing all of the plants the drawing calls for in the general area it shows without trying to really position them.  Once they’re close to their spots we work backwards, arranging and spacing them where they look best.  Sometimes it’s exactly where the drawing shows, sometimes it’s a different spot if they look too close to one another.  We’ll usually make at least one more pass perfecting the distances between each plant.  It’s important to know what size each eventually will be and what shape  it grow into.  I’ll usually stand above a plant and stretch my arms to its eventual size to make sure we’re not crowding them.  If you rush this part of the job and make a mistake, two years down the road you’re going to be pulling perfectly good plants out because they have grown into each other.  A good rule of thumb is when you’re done, if you feel like you need one more plant in each spot, you’ve done your job right.


We just finished setting plants at this landscape job in Sachse.