Is Nutsedge in Your Lawn Driving You Nuts?

Nutsedge is a weed we see a lot of in the summer months in North Texas. It is a dark-green leafed weed that looks a lot like grass that is sticking straight up. But nutsedge isn’t a grass even though it is usually mistaken for a grassy weed. This confuses homeowners who try and treat it with a grassy weed product that does nothing. If you look closely at or feel nutsedge, you’ll notice the leaf isn’t flat, it is triangular – that’s what makes it different from a grassy weed (they have flat-bladed leaves.) Another annoying trait of nutsedge is that it grows remarkably fast once cut (which drives homeowners nuts!)

So how do you get rid of nutsedge? The truth is there isn’t a product that kills it. And trying to pull it up by the roots is not a good idea because nutsedge has nuts attached to the roots. You can pull up the first one, but if you don’t get the second one, and in our North Texas clay soil, you rarely get the second one, you will end up splitting it, resulting in even more nutsedge.

The best tip is to go with a product that will stunt it (hopefully for the season.) You can learn more about these products in today’s video.

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