Ken’s Quick Tip: What is drought stress and how do I fix it?

Drought stress is almost always caused by under-watering.  In my experience,  the two likely culprits are not watering long enough and/or unknown sprinkler system issues that cause under-watering.

If you are unsure if you have drought stress, you can watch my short drought stress video here.  It will show you the telltale signs.  If you do see signs of drought stress in your lawn, here is what you can do to reduce possible damage to your lawn and landscape:

1.  Make sure that your sprinkler is programmed properly and that you are watering long enough.  You can download our free summer watering guide here.

2. Test your sprinkler system to make sure that you don’t have any nozzle or valve issues and that you are getting good coverage in all areas of your lawn and landscape.  Learn more about sprinkler troubleshooting here.

3.  Call Village Green.  We offer affordable sprinkler tune-up services where our certified technicians will make sure your sprinkler system is working properly (including programming it based on our summer watering guide recommendations.)

If you have any lawn or landscape questions give us a call at 972.495.6990 or email [email protected]. I love to answer your questions and often can share the information for our Quick Tip series that helps all Village Green customers.