Ken’s Quick Tip: What should you be doing to keep your lawn healthy this time of year?  

The answer to this question boils down to what kind of lawn you have and how long you’ve been taking care of it. 

If you’ve been a Village Green fertilizer and weed-control customer for a while, we are currently applying a granular fertilizer and spot treating your lawn for weeds. 

Bermuda lawns are getting a high nitrogen fertilizer which will help them green up for the spring. 

This plan doesn’t work for our customers with St. Augustine and zoysia lawns because of nasty little fungus called brown patch that love spring weather and feeds on nitrogen.  For these lawns we apply a low nitrogen fertilizer.  That means our St. Augustine lawns might not green up quite as fast but when they do they will be much healthier the rest of the year.

If you are brand-new to our lawn care services and have St. Augustine grass it will get the low-nitrogen fertilizer mentioned above to keep it healthy. If you have bermuda it will receive a liquid, slow release nitrogen fertilizer, mixed with a spring weed preventative and a broad leaf weed control. That is the perfect start to green up the lawn, control even the small broad-leaf weeds that are just starting to grow, plus prevent spring and summer weeds, such as crab grass from even starting.

We’ve been bouncing between cool weather and warm weather. We’re sort of between seasons – we’re out of winter but we haven’t had quite enough warm weather for all of our lawns to realize we should be in spring. Most of the lawns have greened up but there are still some pockets that haven’t yet.  We’ll have our normal warm weather over the next few weeks (probably more than we want) and when we do, your lawn will have the right food to help it become green and healthy.
If you have any lawn or landscape questions give us a call at 972.495.6990 or email [email protected]. I love to answer your questions and often can share the information for our Quick Tip series that helps all Village Green customers.