Ken’s Quick Tip: Your Lawn and the North Texas Drought

I wanted to stress the importance of watering properly during winter, which is more vital than ever because of pretty serious drought conditions in North Texas. Drought conditions have persisted in North Texas since October intensifying in December because of record-setting warm temperatures.

It is important to remember that your lawn continues to lose water throughout the wintertime if we are not getting consistent rainfall in North Texas.

In winter, a dry lawn is bad when we experience a dip in temperatures overnight. Those recent nights in the 20s can damage your dry lawn, which you can see quickly with plants. Most don’t realize that there’s also damage being done to the lawn with freeze damage and your yard being slow to come out of dormancy come spring.

Every year, like clockwork, we get calls in Spring with people wanting to know why their neighbor’s lawn is greening up, and their lawn is not. The reason is almost always because of underwatering of the lawn.

If you need help please download our Winter Watering Guide.

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