Landscape Spotlight: From Bare Dirt and Dated To Serene Sanctuary

Today’s landscape spotlight illustrates how much our work can transform a home. Michael and Melissa D’s home was the definition of a blank slate.  But their property was amazing with a lot of potential, and as soon as David (our landscape architect) and I started discussing the project I knew we had the opportunity to create Michael and Melissa their dream landscapes.

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Michael and Melissa’s landscape request was simple.  And specific.  Update our tired front yard and make the mud in our backyard disappear!
The front yard part of this project was pretty straight forward for us but the back was quite special because of the yard’s unique features.  They have a large patio that overlooks their backyard which includes a lovely koi pond and a bridge that leads further into the large backyard.  The yard, which has many large trees that provide ample shade, was pretty much nothing but bare dirt (which turned to mud when we had rain.)

Their backyard was amazing (even with all that dirt!)  Even with a koi pond with bridge, it was very large and curved around the back of the home.  One of Michael’s dreams for the space was to have pathways through the backyard that he could use to walk or sit and enjoy the abundant nature his property provided.   In the photos of the project you’ll see our design accomplished that goal.  There are paths through the backyard with a large, stone water feature dropping into the koi pond which create the perfect ambience for that leisurely stroll Michael desired.

The entire property has a lot of large trees which provide ample shade but also make one of Melissa’s goals for the front, growing grass, a challenge. She also wanted to get rid of the dated look, and tame what landscape they did have which she felt had become overgrown to the point of covering up the home’s exterior features.  She felt this made the entrance feel cramped.

As you’ll see in my photos, our design created an open look for the front of the home.  We replaced their grass with a ground cover called mondo grass and, closer to the home, fern like plants called plum yew.  On either side of the entrance are soft caress mahonia which is a medium sized plant that will frame the entrance and make it feel more inviting.

Most couples will appreciate the biggest challenge Michael and Melissa faced when I presented our design.  Which area to do first,  Michael’s dream backyard or Melissa’s front?  After a few days they called to say that they had compromised, they would be doing both at the SAME time!

Thank you Michael and Melissa for allowing me to spotlight this landscape project.  Village Green has been transforming lawns and landscapes in your neighborhood since 1980.  We specialize in creating extraordinary outdoor spaces at all budget points for our customers.  Our personalized one-on-one approach allow us to take your ideas and inspiration and transform them into a beautiful landscape that will enrich your life.  If you’d like more information or an estimate on your project contact us at 972-495-6990 or [email protected].