Landscape Spotlight: Take the Tour of Justin & Ashley’s North Dallas Project

As often is the case with our landscape projects, Justin and Ashley have been customers of Village Green since 2013, and when it came time to update the landscape at the new home, they purchased in 2018, they gave us a call.

Their new home was beautiful and in a great North Dallas neighborhood, but it was somewhat of a fixer-upper, which included their front landscape that needed some love. They had a few bushes and a badly cracked entry sidewalk that the previous owners had decided to lay slate tiles, which were a tripping hazard.

In the back yard, their pool was mostly surrounded by river rock with a few plants placed here and there (and no sprinkler system.)

As is frequently the case, we created a long-range landscape design that took all of these issues into account. This plan turned out to be helpful because they realized after a few days in their new home that it needed more attention than they had first thought.

As Justin put it, “Water heater replacement, flooring repairs from termite damage, and re-plastering pools are not as fun as landscaping in my opinion, but they must be done soon.”

This landscape planning is very common when people move into new homes – as much fun as landscaping is, it usually takes a couple of years to focus on the outdoors. That is why we are big believers in good long-term landscape planning. It gives you the flexibility to tackle things as time and budget allow.

So, after a year in the new home, Justin and Ashely were ready to tackle phase one of our plan – their front walkway and landscape.

We worked with Patterned Concrete by Rey to replace and widen the entry sidewalk and added a curved walkway to their driveway. To be ready for the landscape we planned to install, we had to work on their front sprinkler system, which had significant damage from some earlier construction.

This irrigation work had us rewiring the system, re-routing pipes around the tree, and replacing a couple of valves and also replaced their sprinkler controller which allowed us to get the system up and running for optimal coverage of their new landscape.

One feature of the home is a handy front entry driveway, but it is a lot of concrete. Having this much hardscape can distract from the home’s entry, so our plan included using Japanese yews at the house’s corners. They will eventually get to be about 10′ to 15′ tall and shift the view away from the driveway.

We also added a majestic beauty Indian hawthorn, an evergreen tree that will bloom in early spring. To add a dash of color we used purple diamond fringe flowers. Near the shady entry, we added heuchera – a purple-colored blooming perennial, some creme de mint pittosporum which is a dwarf creme-colored shrub, and some aspidistra, a narrow, upright growing plant that loves shade.

I’m happy to report that after a few years of waiting, Justin and Ashley are delighted with the work we completed in phase one of the project. They loved working with Hannah and said the crew was responsive to everything they asked.

Thank you, Justin and Ashley, for being such great long-time Village Green customers and giving us the opportunity for this landscape project.

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