Dallas Landscaping tip: Using chicken wire as organic pest control

Chicken wire may not be your first guess as a solution to controlling mice, rats, cats and squirrels, but it actually provides effective defense against these garden intruders.

Those who are interested in constructing a beautiful and flawless Dallas landscape should buy chicken wire in bulk. Not only will erecting chicken wire around your plants protect them from being eaten by rabbits and other plant nibblers, but it will also deter some animals from even stepping foot in your garden beds.

The idea of having chicken wire around your Dallas landscaping beds probably doesn’t sound like an ingredient to a beautiful and flawless Dallas landscape, however, when cats are the problem you will want to install the chicken wire underneath the soil of your garden bed. According to some Dallas landscaping experts, cats have a serious aversion to walking on chicken wire, so no more will you have to worry about your garden bed being a makeshift litter box.

Burying chicken wire underneath the soil also deters squirrels from digging up bulbs and if you buy chicken wire with gaps as small as ½ inch, you can also keep out mice and other rodents.

If you aren’t sure as how to best install the chicken wire to effectively protect your Dallas landscaping beds, your local Dallas landscaping company will be more than happy to help you with your cause. Additionally, he or she will be able to lend advice on some other less-visible pest control tips to keep your garden bed in tact throughout the season.

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