Dallas lawn care for dog owners

Not much is more American than having a beautiful, well-kept lawn and a hyper dog running around in it while the family watches on in bliss. That’s the dream, but the reality is that dogs can wreak havoc on a lawn by wearing down the grass or causing discoloration from urine and fecal matter. Here are some lawn care tips to keep your turf protected from dog damages.

Plant a grass that is conducive to extreme wear. Some lawn care experts will suggest installing a hardscape to give your dog a place to roam, but if having a beautiful, vibrant lawn is your only option, opt for a type of grass that is known for its durability. Lawn care specialists suggest using Bermuda, a warm-season grass or Kentucky bluegrass, a cool-season grass. Both these types will have a better chance of withstanding the constant pounding of paws throughout your lawn.

Drench “dog spots.” If your dog stays out for most of the day, this might be a tougher option to follow through with, but if your dog goes out a certain number of times a day to do his business, this should be a great solution to eliminating urine spots from your lawn. Once the dog has finished urinating, follow up with a thorough spray of water from the garden hose. Don’t be afraid of overwatering; soak the area until the urine is completely diluted.

Establish a “potty area.” Training your dog to do his business in only one specific area will help you keep your lawn free from urine spots and ensure you only have one area that will be affected. When your dog goes outside, only take him to this spot and keep him there until he goes. With time, the dog will be trained to only go to that specific area, leaving the rest of your lawn untouched!

If your lawn already has extensive trampling damage or urine spots, contact your Dallas lawn care company for restorative services.

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