Mosquito Control

Between March and October, we’ll visit your home 8 times to provide comprehensive mosquito control.

Each visit includes:
⦁ Fogging to kill resting mosquitoes
⦁ Drain treatment to eliminate mosquito larvae
⦁ Mosquito monitoring and targeted treatment
⦁ Mosquito stations (Mosquito Control +In2Care  only)

Fogging Process
We use backpack foggers with high-quality mosquito control products. The fog instantly kills resting mosquitoes and contains time-release microcapsules. These microscopic capsules gradually release the product over time, ensuring continuous mosquito control for up to a month. The product adheres to plants, killing mosquitoes that land on treated areas.

Targeted Application
Daytime mosquitoes rest in shaded areas like shrubs, ornamental trees, and low eaves. We fog these areas, applying the product to the top and bottom of leaves using a proven circular motion technique. Our product includes a pyrethroid for quick but long-lasting control along with a growth regulator that prevents mosquito larvae from reaching maturity, providing an additional layer of control.

Drain Treatment
We apply a specialized water treatment to drainage systems, a prime mosquito breeding ground. This treatment flushes pipes and catch basins, killing mosquito larvae while remaining safe for other organisms.

Mosquito Monitoring
Our technicians inspect your property for potential breeding sites like bird baths, potted plant saucers, and other water collection points. We treat these areas with a safe and effective product to eliminate mosquito larvae.

Mosquito Stations (Mosquito Control + In2Care)
Strategically placed mosquito stations attract female mosquitoes to lay eggs in the water, killing their larvae. The stations’ special netting contains an environmentally friendly biocide that contaminates the mosquitoes, preventing them from biting and allowing them to transport the larvicide to breeding sites they encounter elsewhere before they die within a few days.

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