Landscape Spotlight: Sneak Peak of Phil & Karen’s New Landscape

Phil and Karen’s Dallas project is an excellent example of how we can work with homeowners over time doing the landscape in stages. The first stage of the project was in their backyard and culminated with an attractive water feature.

For the second stage, the couple wanted to make some significant changes to their front landscape. We removed the short walls blocking the view to their porch and replaced the porch and sidewalk with beautifully patterned concrete.

Removing the porch walls was a great decision because that not only created more space for a nice sitting area but also makes the porch feel much more welcoming.

Their existing shrubs were the variety that requires a lot of maintenance and grew into large rectangles and square shrubs that covered the beautiful brickwork of their home.

Another concern was the wing walls, which dated the home. Our solution was to save Phil and Karen the time and money to remove them by going with the taller variegated pittosporum, which will screen them.

One of the couple’s requests was to have a nice view from their front windows, so we did what we call an inside-out view, using tall enough plants to be seen through but not so tall they block their view.

Other elements of the design were the ornamental trees, which included a Japanese maple and redbud. We planted them next to the windows so you can easily see them from the windows without obstructing the view.

Phil and Karen’s front yard has a nice mix of sun and shade, so we went with leopard plants on the shady side and dwarf Mexican petunias on the sunny side and used abelias throughout because they do well both in the sun and shade.

Phil and Karen love both their front and back landscape and can’t say enough good things about Hannah and Manny and Dustin’s landscape team.

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