QuickTip: Why isn’t my lawn growing faster this spring?


Considering Village Green has been around sine 1980, I hope you believe me when I say this spring has been one of the most unusual that I can recall!  In fact this crazy weather has not only caused the Texas Rangers to set a record for lowest day temperature ever for a game at the Ballpark, they have also played four games at home this season where the temperature was 50 degrees or less. 

The Rangers aren’t the only ones affected by this crazy cool spring.  Your lawn is too.  Weeds love the cool weather as much as your turf does not.  Both St. Augustine and Bermuda are warm season grasses.  They need soil temperatures to be above 80 degrees to come out of dormancy.  In fact, your lawn thinks it is March instead of April because of the cool spring and is only now starting to grow. 

That isn’t true of your weeds though, is it?  They are thriving because they love cool weather.  This makes it especially hard to get rid of them this spring, which is typically a time when they are starting to be stressed by warmer weather and go away.

So what is our tip?  Don’t panic and carry on.  Even though you may feel like nothing is working, that you are wasting your time with the watering, fertilization and weed control…you are not!  You must be patient.

It may be in the low 40s now, but remember this is North Texas, it could be in the 90s by next week!  And as soon as it warms up your lawn is going to kick into gear from all your efforts, turning green and lush, and all those cool weather weeds will be dead.