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Pyrethrin – What is it and how does it kill mosquitoes?

 How do pyrethrins kill mosquitoes? Pyrethrins are natural insecticides produced from dried chrysanthemum blooms.   Pyrethrins will penetrate the nervous system of insects of insects, such as fleas, ticks, ants and mosquitoes.  Small doses of pyrethrins are very effective against many insects and, because human nervous systems are different, are safe when used around people. […]
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Mosquitoes Can be a Pain in Your Backyard

Do Mosquitoes Get More Quality Time in Your Backyard Than You and Your Family?  After months of sizzling, Texas heat, Fall is finally here.  You deserve being able to enjoy the outdoors again, right?  Cooking on the grill, playing with the kiddoes or dogs in the backyard, sitting on the porch enjoying a quiet cup of […]
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