The Most Common Problem We See in Bermuda Lawns

I wanted to talk to you today about the most common problem we see with bermudagrass lawns (Underwatering.)

Keep in mind that we’ve had a lot of rain this spring which means the problem stems from being underwatered last summer (and probably many summers before that since it takes a lot to damage bermudagrass lawns.)

The most common area where we see bermudagrass struggle is in parkways (like today’s video.) Parkways are especially troublesome because they don’t make a sprinkler head covering their rectangular shape (spray heads are circular, so they don’t cover parkways that well.) The example in the video goes beyond sprinkler coverage. This patch of lawn is a classic example of underwatered bermudagrass struggling because of a lack of proper watering.

That is why it is crucial now to make sure your sprinkler system is ready for summer watering. If it is not, your lawn will become stressed when our temperatures start hitting the nineties, and our conditions become drier. If you want to do it yourself, you can find tips on checking your system here. Or give us a call at 972-495-6990 and let one of our certified sprinkler technicians come out for a system check and to help you program your controller for proper summer watering.