Troy S. Landscape Project Spotlight Tour

Troy S., is a typical Village Green landscape customer.  He takes a tremendous amount of pride in the overall appearance of his home, but with a hectic work schedule, he doesn’t have the time to dedicate to landscaping.  This has resulted to Troy’s landscape taking on what he called a ‘hodgepodge’ feel which detracted from the exterior beauty of his home.

Which is why Troy came to Village Green.  He wanted us to help him create an inviting, low maintenance landscape that made complemented his home.
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As you can see in the photos above, we left the larger plants in place in the front of the home and replaced the shrubs with smaller, dwarf and semi-dwarf plants, such as carex grass and kaleidoscope abelias . 
You’ll note on Troy’s design that it looks like we went overboard on plants, but the reality is that most of our selections will only get a foot or so tall which means as they mature they only rarely will need to be trimmed.  The plants were also selected because they open the home up so you can see more of the beautiful details of the exterior.  In the circular drive bed, the original shrubs were tall enough to screen the view of the home which made the home less inviting.  Which is why we replaced some of those plants with smaller ones such as purple heart and trailing rosemary.

In the back, Troy was less than pleased with seeing his neighbor’s roof every time he looked back across his patio and pool.  Our plan provided savanah holly trees which will eventually screen the roof.

Another problem area for Troy was what he felt was a wasted area behind his outdoor fireplace (where he stores his bull shaped grill.)  We made sure to fill in the area with blooming cannalilies.  The rest of the backyard landscape was fine, so we decided to keep most of the plants, and added some small perennials around the pool to give the area more color.

For those of you who wonder if landscapes can be installed in hot weather, I’d like to point out that this landscape was installed just before our hottest weather this summer.  And as you can see from our recent photos, the plants we chose did just fine in our North Texas heat.

Troy is very pleased with our work and we appreciate the opportunity to be able to spotlight his lovely home to our customers to illustrate the landscape capabilities of Village Green.In fact, since 1980 we have specialized in creating extraordinary landscapes for our customers. Our personalized, one-on-one approach allow us to take your ideas and inspiration and transform them into a beautiful landscape that will enhance your home and happiness.  We are currently scheduling landscape projects for the fall, which is one of the best times of the year to install a landscape.  For more information and/or an estimate on your project contact us at 972-495-6990 or [email protected].