Month: January 2022

Ken’s Quick Tip: Your Lawn and the North Texas Drought

I wanted to stress the importance of watering properly during winter, which is more vital than ever because of pretty serious drought conditions in North Texas. Drought conditions have persisted in North Texas since October intensifying in December because of record-setting warm temperatures. It is important to remember that your lawn continues to lose water […]
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Landscape Spotlight: Brandon & Lindsay’s Maintenance-Free West Plano Landscape

Like many of our customers, Brandon and Lindsay discovered Village Green via a Google search. They, like so many in North Texas, had suffered some freeze damage in February 2021. As has been the case for many, the freeze allowed them to rethink their landscape design and update things that have bugged them for years. […]
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Best Plants Series – Trailing Rosemary

Trailing Rosemary makes our best plants for North Texas list. Our favorite part about this plant is the soft little blue blooms (somewhat purplish) this plant produces. It blooms sporadically throughout the year and will bloom in North Texas during our winter months. If you like a nice pop of color in your landscape, this […]
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