A Landscape for the Butterflies in McKinney

Marty and Kathy in McKinney have been using customers of Village Green since 2017. They use us for their lawn health program, irrigation repair, and landscape. This project is our second landscape for the couple.

Kathy loves to garden and has a deep knowledge of plants, making her an ideal landscape customer. She knows what she wants. This project addressed the side of her yard baking in the hot afternoon sun, making it hard to get anything to grow, let alone thrive. Hannah, our Landscape Manager, helps Kathy design the area with what we like to call flameproof plants in mind. We used sunshine ligustrum, a weeping yaupon holly (probably the tallest we’ve ever found to install), and obsession nandina. We installed a stone border to match the rest of the landscape. Since Kathy loves butterflies (she registered her home as a monarch butterfly waystation), we left a space in the bed to transplant a butterfly bush when our weather cools.

I thank Marty and Kathy for letting us share this project. It’s a great example of how Village Green goes beyond and above in all we do to earn our customer’s trust and loyalty.

If you are considering a landscape project, we would love the chance to earn your business with a complimentary landscape consultation.

Our Landscape Services Include:
• Landscape Planning & Design
• Plant & Tree Recommendation & Selection
• Landscaping Installation
• Landscape Lighting Planning, Design, and Installation
• Patios & Walkways

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