How to Install a Drip Irrigation System

Because proper seasonal watering is so important, we spend much time discussing how to water correctly, usually with spray or rotary head systems. In today’s video, Manny, our Landscape Crew Lead, demonstrates how we install drip lines for our customers.

Drip systems are more popular than ever in North Texas because they put water exactly where you want it with virtually no loss to evaporation. We use drip lines in narrow beds and turf areas with poor spray head coverage and around swimming pools. Since they put out water very slowly, they are also great for watering a slab foundation on yards with slopes.

Drip irrigation systems work by maintaining moisture in the soil. So in the summer, we recommend they run daily for ten minutes. Since various drip lines water slightly differently, paying attention to your beds is vital to ensure they get the appropriate amount of water.

As Manny explains in the video, drip lines we install drip lines on top of the ground and cover with mulch. Covering them with mulch keeps them out of the sun, which helps maintain the connections (they can get loose and come apart if they get too hot) and allows for easy access if they come undone (vs. having to dig into the bed to fix.)

A significant benefit of drip line irrigation is that most area cities exempt drip lines from water restrictions during droughts. They are efficient so that you can water your beds and foundation daily without any issues.

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