A Refreshing Update for Jan and John’s West Plano Landscape

Like many of our customers, Jan and John found Village Green on a Google search. When we had our first meeting, it was evident that Jan and John were well-informed homeowners who knew their landscape. Like many customers, they loved certain parts of their landscape (in their case, they loved the left side with the holly ferns and taxus) but wanted to improve other areas that needed to be updated and or repaired from our February deep freeze.

Smartly they didn’t want to start from scratch and asked us to take what they had that worked and improve upon the rest.

There’s a fine art to updating an existing landscape. The trick being to make sure the new elements complement versus overpower the established landscape. Editing is also essential, and less is more when adding plants into an existing design, so it doesn’t become cluttered and busy.

In landscape design, it is essential to have repeated patterns to draw the eye. Since they already had liriope on the left, we added giant liriope to the areas we updated. The left also had spreading plum yews, so we used upright pringle yews to frame their entry and give more continuity to the landscape. In addition to that, we added pale yellow carex grass and dianthus for a dash of color.

Jan and John have a beautiful, natural landscape that will be low maintenance for them in the future. All of the plants we used did fine this past February during our 100-year freeze and will do equally well in our blazing summer months.

In the end, Jan and John were pleased with our landscape work and praised Hannah and her team. In their own words: “Hannah and her crew did a very nice job and also a great job explaining it all to us.”

A big thank you to Jan and John for choosing Village Green for their updated landscape and allowing us to showcase our work on their project.

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