Best Plants Series – Canna Lilly

We get many questions from customers on what our favorite plants to use in North Texas are. So many Ken has recorded a “Best Plants Series.”

Today we wanted to show you one of our favorite plants to use, the Canna Lily. If a customer is looking for a tropical look in their landscape, our go-to plant is the Canna Lily. They come in different colors (both the blooms and leaves.) One of the downsides of the Canna Lily is you can get leaf cutters which can make the leaves look ugly. That is quite common, and there’s not a lot you can do about it. They are a perennial that will go dormant in the winter and need to be cut back. They will also spread if you don’t contain them. Even with those couple of downsides, if you want a colorful tropical plant, especially in a landscape around a pool, it’s hard to beat the Canna Lily.

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