The Importance of Being Vigilant About Drought Stress & Chinch Bugs This August

As I’ve mentioned, weather-wise, 2021 has been one strange year. From record-setting cold in February to what for us was a very mild June and July, we seem to have finally got our summer heat in August. In over forty years, I can’t recall a year where our summer heat started this late. But now that it is has arrived, we’re noticing many lawns are beginning to dry out, which can quickly turn into drought stress. This is a severe concern for lawns in our area as we head into August. We find that two-thirds of the lawn issues we see in the field are the result of under-watering. This is because a person isn’t watering long enough. Either because their sprinkler system isn’t set correctly, or they have unknown sprinkler system issues. It doesn’t take long in this type of heat for a lawn to develop drought stress, leading to a lot of lawn-related problems. The most serious by far is chinch bug damage (you can read more about that below.) How do you know if you have drought stress? These quick videos can help you diagnose a problem in your Bermuda or St. Augustine lawn has issues (or give us a call at 972-495-6690.)

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