How Much Should You Water in the Fall?

Sprinkler Repair in Richardson TXAt the end of August the North Texas Municipal Water District announced that it is recommending its member cities and customers to allow landscape watering once a week with sprinkler or irrigation systems through the end of October.  This is great news for most of our customers who are asking about how much they should be watering in the fall.

From mid-September through November you water you lawn roughly 50% less than you did in the summer months.  Thus, if you have a typical sprinkler head system, and are allowed to water once a week, Village Green recommends you run your sprinklers three times in the morning, for 10 minutes each time.  Setting your controller for start times of 2am, 4am and 6am should allow enough time in between for the water to soak into our infamous clay soil.  If you have rotor sprinklers (the type of sprinkler that sprays in a long thin stream and slowly turns) you will want to water twice as long (possibly longer.)  These recommendations and times are for areas with full sun.  In shady areas you can water about half or a quarter of the length of time suggested for sunny areas.  

If you have a seasonal adjust spot on your sprinkler controller you can leave the minutes and days alone and just set the seasonal adjust percentage to 50%.

Not sure what your city’s water restrictions are?  Visit our Resource Center for a a city by city list of links to their watering information website pages.  You also find our free watering guide on our Resource Center Page.

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