When is the best time to plant landscapes?

This has to be one of the top questions we’re asked by our customers, friends and family.  When you’ve been in the lawn and landscape business as long as we have, people assume you’ve gained a certain amount of wisdom!  We do have our opinions though and it is Village Green’s opinion that the best time to plant landscapes is (from best to worst.)landscape-portfolio

  1. fall
  2. winter
  3. spring
  4. summer
I bet this answer surprises many of you.  Most people assume spring is the best time to plant (the phones at Village Green go crazy during spring with people wanting landscape design and installation quotes.)The reason fall is best is the watering schedule is easier.  If you under water in the fall your plants won’t die, they’ll just become unhappy (if you underwater in summer, they’ll often die.)  Plants also grow their roots over the winter so when you install your landscape in the fall the plants have a chance to establish a root system which will allow them to survive the following summer with less watering (which will save you money.)  I’m sure many are asking, ‘What if we plant in the fall and then we have a winter like we did this past year!  Won’t all my plants die?’  The truth is Village Green rarely loses plants to the cold.  This past winter was one of the worst on record, and we did lose more plants than usual, but % wise it wasn’t that much greater.The reason we don’t lose many plants over the winter is because North Texas doesn’t stay cold for long (when we have a cold snap.)  Rarely does Dallas have a bitter cold snap that lasts more than a week or two.  Village Green has been designing and installing landscapes over thirty years, and we’ve seen a lot of weather.  I won’t say we’ve seen every possible kind of weather Texas can have – it’s Texas, but we have seen enough to know which plants do well in the cold, heat, and droughts.  We’ve learned to avoid the plants that have struggled over the years and recommend to our customers of North Texas the ones that can can flourish in North Texas.  We have to have plants that will survive in single digit winters and triple digit summers.  As I once heard, ‘plants in Texas don’t have to be heat-tolerant, they have to flame proof.’  It’s a funny line, but with our extreme weather it can ring true.  And at Village Green we design and install landscapes year round so we are vigilant about our plant choices.  That being said, if you can pick any time of the year to plant for your landscape…now is the time!

Village Green offers full landscaping design and installation for our customers. We’ve completed many beautiful projects, from small to large.  I invite you to view our portfolio and if you are thinking of landscape work give us the opportunity to give you a free quote.If you have any questions regarding your lawn and landscape, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 972-495-6990 or [email protected].  I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.