How Much Should You Water Your Lawn This Winter?

Even though your lawn and plants are dormant in winter, your soil still needs consistent watering to keep it healthy. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your lawn’s overall health is turning your sprinkler system off during winter.

We recommend that you water one ten-minute burst one day per week during the winter.

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Learn How to Program Your Sprinkler Controller

If your controller has a seasonal adjustment percentage, you can set it to 20% of your summer watering schedule. These guidelines are for full sun areas. In shaded areas, reduce by half (or more if you have a lot of shade.)

Important Note for Rotary Head Sprinklers and Drip Systems:
If you have rotary head sprinklers (they slowly turn and send out long streams of water), we recommend running twice as long as regular sprinklers since it takes them longer to put out the same amount of water. Drip Zones (drip systems work by maintaining moisture in the soil.) We recommend that they run daily or close to it (roughly 1 to 2 minutes per day in the winter.) Since various drip lines water slightly differently, paying attention to your beds is essential to ensure they get the appropriate amount of water.

A Healthy Lawn Depends on Proper Seasonal Watering
We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to maintain proper seasonal watering throughout the year. Watering your lawn during winter helps keep the roots hydrated, protects it from freeze damage, and prepares it for the upcoming growing season. So when spring arrives, your lawn will have a head start and be less vulnerable to stress and disease in North Texas growing months.

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