Ken’s Quick Tip: Attack of the Grubs!

Spring has sprung and the warmer weather and blue skies always gets people out into their yards to poke around in their yards and start their spring planting. 

When they turn over their soil they often will find grubs which concerns them and causes a lot of calls and emails to come into Village Green.

They are right to be concerned about grub worms (which are the larvae of June beetles,) because they can cause all kinds of problems in North Texas lawns.

The thing is, like most things in life, timing is everything with grub worms.

If you see a lot of grubs in your lawn in early spring don’t panic.  This doesn’t mean that they are feasting on your lawn.  It also doesn’t mean they are just in your lawn (you’d be hard pressed to find a lawn in our area that doesn’t have some grub worms.) 

Grub worms only become an issue when their numbers grow to the point where they can cause widespread destruction and the timing of this in their life cycle is late summer.  It is impossible for them to grow their numbers to the point of damanging your lawn before late summer in North Texas.  So, whatever you see in spring, even if it seems like a lot to you, is not enough to cause your lawn harm.  Yet.

You need to treat for grubs in late spring or early summer to make sure they don’t become a problem in late summer.

If you want to do-it-yourself look for product using Imidacloprid.  I know that’s a tough name to remember (let alone say) but you need to make sure that is the active.  Don’t make the mistake of picking up the first bag of Ortho or Bayer with an easier name that has a picture of a grub.  Take the time to read the labels and make sure you get a product that has Imidacloprid which will create a barrier that prevents the grub worm from damaging your lawn.

It is important to remember that Imidacloprid is a great preventative against grub worms, which means it is NOT effective once they are actively feeding.  You need to treat before they become active.  

If you have any question regarding your lawn and landscape give us call at 972.495.6990 or [email protected].  We our scheduling affordable grub prevention treatment appointments now for late spring, and would love to give you a quote on the cost for your lawn if you’d like for us to handle the job for you.