Ken’s Quick Tip: Is My Lawn OK?

I’ve lost count how many times that question has been asked the past few weeks by our customers.

Our weather has been extremely mild this winter.  We’ve had a few cold snaps, but for the most part we’ve had a lot warms days.  More recently we’ve had some extremely warm days (we hit 92 last week which was a new record for North Texas.)  All this warm weather makes us think our grass should be coming in lush and green by now.  But the thing is, even though our days have been warm, our nights are still cool.  It is early spring after all and the big thing to note is that grass only comes out of dormancy when our soil temperatures are above 80 degrees.

In my professional opinion, it will be a few more weeks before our grass comes completely out of dormancy.

Our bermuda lawns are filing in nicely, but I have noticed our St. Augustine lawns are much slower than usual this year.  Yes, we have had a very short winter this year (four days to be exact.)  The problem is that for a few days we bounced from the mid-eighties to the teens and then back to the mid-eighties.  That temperature yo-yo effect is tough on people, but even tougher on sensitive plants like St. Augustine.

If your lawn isn’t filling in as much as you thought by now, please be patient.  If you have plenty of sunshine, and are watering properly (download our spring water guide), and a good fertilization program in place your lawn is going to be fine.  Bermuda and St. Augustine are very aggressive plants and typically heal themselves by late spring in North Texas.

If you have any question regarding your lawn and landscape give us call at 972.495.6990 or [email protected].  We are always happy to answer your questions.