Ken’s Quick Tip: Lawn Aeration

If you are wondering why lawn aeration is so important, look no further than our infamous North Texas clay soil.  It is made up tiny particles that compact over time.  The longer you go without aerating your lawn the more they compact.  This is bad for your lawn because it makes it hard to take in water, oxygen, and fertilizer (major components if you want a healthy lawn.)

If you have a lot of traffic on your lawn, whether it be people or pets, the problem increases which is why golf courses aerate their greens and fairways several times a year.

As a homeowner, you don’t need to go that far, but it is a wise investment to aerate your lawn annually.  We typically perform this service in the late winter, early spring for our customers.

Whether you want to do it yourself or hire Village Green boils down to the amount of time you want to invest punching thousands of smalls holes in your turf.  Either way, the investment in lawn aeration makes sense.  Financially and environmentally, and better yet, the end result will be a much healthier and more beautiful lawn when you combine aeration with your ongoing lawn maintenance program.