Ken’s Quick Tip: Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair

I don’t want to jinx us with only four weeks left until the first day of spring, but this winter has been one of our warmest in recent years.  It’s been so warm in fact that many of our customers are calling us and asking if they should be following our winter watering schedule.

The answer is yes.  It may not seem like it, but it is still winter, and you won’t need to update your sprinkler system for another month.

I do recommend paying attention to your sprinkler system in these last weeks of winter, that way if you spot a problem, you can have it resolved before the important spring watering season beings.

Here are some signs you may have a sprinkler problem.

Loss of pressure. If a certain zone or head isn’t watering with as much pressure as it should, this typically indicates a malfunction with your system that needs some attention.

Uneven watering.  Keep an eye out for pools of water in areas of your lawn, or worse, a drenched sidewalk, driveway, or street.  The same is true of dry sections in your lawn after watering.  These are signs that your lawn is not being consistently watered, and more than likely you have some sprinkler heads that need some adjusting.

Irregular water flow. If one of your heads is sputtering or dribbling in a way that is anything less than a steady stream, you may have a cracked head or clogged valve you need to repair.

Your lawn has changed.  If you’ve had any changes in your lawn, whether it be new a new landscape, flower bed, or hardscape, chances are you need to tweak your system to best water your lawn.Your water bill is high!  If your water bill seems higher than normal for this time of year, and you’ve not increased water consumption elsewhere, you could have a leak.  Best to fix it during later winter before your water consumption increases this spring and summer.

All the above are issues are easy to spot if you pay attention for a week or so and note anything out of the ordinary.  If you do have issues, most of these are relatively easy to fix with supplies from your local hardware store.

If you have any questions or need additional help give us a call at 972.495.6990 or email me at [email protected].