Landscape Spotlight: Jeff in West Plano

Jeff is another customer that discovered Village Green via Google. Like many in North Texas, Jeff had lost some plants in February during our epic deep freeze. Jeff didn’t want to start his landscape from scratch and redo his entire front, so he tasked us with replacing the lost plants with new ones that would work well with the plants he liked and had survived the freeze.

Jeff had lost some dwarf pittosporum and Indian hawthorns, which we replaced with a combination of kaleidoscope abelia and giant liriope. We went with these plants because they will add more color and texture to his landscape.

Another requirement for Jeff was updating his landscape with plants that wouldn’t ultimately cover his windows and obstruct his view. To accomplish this, we selected flirt nandina, a small, feathery plant that will turn red in the winter, plus some yellow carex grass to add a different texture element.

In front of the right-hand wall, Jeff wanted a plant that would screen the wall without getting too tall, so we went with compact nandina, which will get tall enough to screen the wall without covering it completely.

In the end, Jeff was very pleased with our landscape work and said Hannah and her landscape team had done everything they could to make sure he was happy, including offering several different varieties of plants.

A big thank you to Jeff for choosing Village Green for his updated landscape and allowing us to showcase our work on his project. If you enjoy these updates and don’t want to miss them in the future, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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