My landscape is looking tired, can you do a landscape quote?

After 30 years in this business I have become a huge believer in road maps for everything – especially landscapes.  Most of the landscapes I see probably started with a good idea and over time plants were added either because the replacement plant looked kind of like the other one that died or was on sale at Home Depot.  Eventually the landscape morphs into a hodgepodge of plants covering windows and entrances with various holes where plants have died.  All of that to say that yes, we do landscape quotes but I have a friend, David Daigle, who is a landscape architect sit down with you and me and create a road map (design) so that we all know what it will look like when we are done.  It may be a six month road map or a 10 year one, that’s up to you, but landscapes are not cheap and we both want you to be happy when we’re done and the design is the best way of ensuring that.  Generally David charges $350 to design a backyard and another $100 to add in the front.


Take a look at our landscape page and you’ll see portfolios of work we’ve done, examples of some designs and a link to David’s website showing more photos and designs.    Just to give you a feel, most landscapes start at about $3000 and go up from there depending on how much of the plan we implement.