St. Augustine showing freeze damage

It’s official.  St. Augustine is struggling to recover from freeze damage the second year in a row.  St. Augustine is a tropical plant, which means it doesn’t like 106 degrees or 9 degrees and in the past few months we’ve had both.  What’s worse for our tropical St. Augustine is we spent over 100 hours below freezing.  Take a look at our lawn in Dallas and you’ll see it’s still pretty thin even though bermuda has is half way out of dormancy.  What should we do?  Usually not a lot.  If there is full sun and the watering is right combined with a good fertilization program it will come back.  It may take a few months longer though.

The second photo is St. Augustine in the same lawn but underneath a tree near a fence.  It is pretty much undamaged because it was protected from the frosts.