Spring Watering Guide for North Texas

In spring, your lawn and plants are coming out of dormancy from the winter and your soil needs consistent watering. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your lawn’s overall health is to not water properly for the season.

We recommend that you water in 10 minute bursts one day per week at 2 am, 4 am, and 6 am during spring.

These guidelines are for full sun areas. In shaded areas, reduce by half (or more if you have a lot of shade.) Also, remember that many of the newer sprinkler controllers have a seasonal adjustment that is easy to use with our watering guidelines.

Download Watering Guide

Important Note for Rotary Head Sprinklers and Drip Systems:
If you have rotary head sprinklers (they slowly turn and send out long streams of water), we recommend running twice as long as regular sprinklers since it takes them longer to put out the same amount of water. Drip Zones (drip systems work by maintaining moisture in the soil.) We recommend that they run three days per week in the spring for ten minutes. Since various drip lines water slightly differently, paying attention to your beds is vital to ensure they get the appropriate amount of water.

Updated Irrigation Pricing
Beginning April 1, our labor rate for irrigation service calls will be $155 per hour (with an hour minimum) + materials. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of service or answer any questions.

Quarterly Irrigation Package (4 visits)
Proper irrigation is vital but not always easy. From seasonal adjustments of your sprinkler controller to identifying issues with your system before they develop into significant projects, our package complements our Lawn Health Programs.

Why should you consider one our packages?
Encourages faster greening up of North Texas lawns in spring.
Protects St. Augustine and zoysia lawns by creating healthy root systems.
Reduces summer drought stress.
Saves water and money with efficient irrigation settings and proper coverage.
Identifies issues in irrigation system before they become major.
Provides peace of mind knowing your lawn and landscape are getting the water they need.

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