Take a Tour of Robert’s West Plano Landscape

Our latest landscape project was for Robert in West Plano. Robert has worked with Village Green for five years and is a lawn health plan customer. We also helped Robert with irrigation repair, landscape, and drainage work, so he knew who to call when it was time to update his front landscape to repair winter 2021 freeze damage!

Unfortunately, Robert’s freeze damage was severe, other than the border and Japanese Maples, and we were starting from scratch.

Since the first step to any successful landscape is the design plan, Hannah and her team went to work placing larger plants on the outside corners to frame Robert’s house. Hannah and her team did this with Edward Goucher Abelias, whose soft white blooms reach about four feet tall. To add color and texture, Hannah added a layer of dwarf plants (including holly ferns, purple heuchera, and leopard plants.)

Hannah has worked with Robert on a few projects, and Robert was impressed yet again by Hannah and her landscape team. Robert shared that he was impressed that Hannah rolled up her sleeves and did so much of the work herself and did an excellent job explaining what we were doing each step of the way, and was willing to do anything to make things right.

A few weeks after the installation, we followed up with Robert to make sure he was happy and that things were going well with the new landscape. Robert told us everything was great and asked what fertilizer we used since his plants were thriving and had grown faster than expected. Village Green does use fertilizer, but the real secret to our success is that we take the time to prepare the soil properly before installation. Many landscape companies skip this vital part of the process to cut costs and offer a lower price. The thing to remember is that landscapes are like most things in life. You get what you pay for.

If you have a project in mind for 2022, we would love the opportunity to earn your business.