Shady Lawn Solutions

As we head into late spring and early summer, we get a lot of calls from frustrated homeowners who cannot grow grass in certain parts of their lawn. The issue is almost always the result of too much shade.

The grass isn’t that hard to grow if you have the three vital components. Sun, water, and food (fertilizer.)

So how much sunlight does your lawn need?
• Bermuda needs about 8 hours of sunlight to survive.
• St. Augustine needs about 6 to establish. Once established, you can plant a tree, and as the tree casts more shade, St. Augustine will gradually acclimate to less light (which explains why your neighbor may have thick St. • • Augustine under their trees, and you don’t).
• Zoysia has similar light requirements as St. Augustine.
• Fescue doesn’t mind the shade, but it’s a cheap short-term answer because you have to replant each year.

Inevitably when we explain the amount of sun required, a customer will ask if they can thin their trees to allow sunlight. Pruning your trees is not viable for growing grass in your bare spots. Thinning a tree is like removing an arm or two of an umbrella. You still have an umbrella. Studies have shown little difference in the amount of sunlight hitting the lawn under a thinned tree versus a pruned one.

So what is the solution? Our advice is acceptance. Embrace your shady yard (this is Texas, after all, and that shade is a wonderful benefit on hot summer days!) Shift your mindset from growing grass and instead invest in shade-loving plants. Many ground covers and shrubs do well in little to no light.

If you are looking for a shady lawn solution, give us a call. We’d love to answer any of your questions, recommend plants, and show you some of our work for other customers who had the same problem.

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