This is How You Avoid Damaging Your North Texas Lawn

Today’s video might look like we sent it by mistake. We understand it is a bit unusual, considering we’re in the heat of summer, but this video illustrates an essential point regarding proper summer watering.

When you underwater your lawn during the summer months, you risk damaging your lawn’s root system. Then when winter comes, and we get one of our North Texas cold snaps, your yard can become damaged because your root system has been compromised by underwatering in the summer.

We appreciate that you want to save on your summer water bill, but remember that it could cost you a lot more in time and money in the long run if your St. Augustine lawn becomes damaged to the point of needing to be replaced. Even if it eventually bounces back, it will look like it does in today’s video into spring, which is not attractive and is why we cannot stress enough the importance of proper summer watering.

Be sure and download our free summer watering guide and watch our How to program your sprinkler controller video for summer watering.

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